SUBS N Wich is a small sandwich shop nearby an industrious location. It provides homemade quality and delicious sandwiches that are catered toward hardworking individuals.

My goal for this project:

  • To rebrand the sandwich shop to gave its audiences

  • To illustrate food designs and pattern that will bring people to attention

  • To simplify the menu for clarity and easy understanding

  • To create an eye catching mural outside the store for more visibility

I implemented the new logo and pattern on the menu shown below. This process was challenging due to the amount of items on the menu, but I was able to find solution through experimenting with different layouts and fonts.

With the same pattern style, I created an illustrative mural that catches driver's eyes while driving by. I highlighted the logo yet implemented different ways to show the sandwich shop's energy with illustrated patterns. 

© 2020 by Angela Seon Young Lee