Imaginary Horizon Productions

Imaginary Horizon Production is a start-up company focusing on encouraging online community engagement. The company has created directories and communities in games, lifestyles, and much more. Imaginary Horizon's goal is to:

  • To connect individuals with an online community to help one another

  • To provide directory lists to help gamers connect

  • To easily access and collect information about online gaming

  • To provide a platform for engagement

I re-branded Imaginary Horizon to portray a positive and encouraging atmosphere for its community. I developed a logo and banner design for the company's patreon website. 

The tier images represent different programs and what individuals wants for their specific need. I created iconic graphics and patterns while utilizing simple typography for each programs.

Directory bot is a Discord bot that is programed to organize the community resource easily. It securely send user informations, converts time zones and provides live-streams. I created the logo for their discord utilizing the similar color schemes with the brand logo.

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